Product Specifics

OvuGel® is a GnRH agonist given to sows intravaginally.  OvuGel® stimulates the release of LH, inducing ovulation 40-48 hours post-treatment.  It facilitates single dose fixed-time insemination without estrus detection in weaned sows, resulting in normal fertility.

  • No estrus detection is required to determine insemination time.
  • The OvuGel® program potentially allows producers to utilize labor more efficiently.
  • Pigs per semen dose are increased, leveraging high value genetics.
  • The OvuGel® treatment is needle-free using a vaginally dosed gel delivery system.
  • It is important to use only high quality semen with adequate motile sperm in each dose.  Proper storage and handling of fresh semen should be maintained.